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    Hybrid GEoPD Meeting, hosted by Karolinska Institutet
    The 17th International Meeting is scheduled on November 20th -22nd.
    The event has started on Sunday November 20, 2022 (GEoPD members only) with the below activities: 

    • 16:00 Sightseeing tour in Gamla stana
    • 18:00 Welcoming cocktail
    • 19:30 Meeting of the GEoPD steering committee

     The event is endorsed by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society



    1. Monday November 21, 2022 (GEoPD members only)

      08:00 Registration  
      08:30 Introduction, membership updates Katerina Markopoulou, President
        Ongoing projects session (reports from ongoing GEoPD projects)  
      08:50 Monogenic PD Christine Klein
      09:20 LONG-PD Katerina Markopoulou
      09:50 Courage PD Manu Sharma
      10:20 Functional validation of polygenic risk scores Rejko Krueger
      10:50 Coffee break  
        Datablitz session (presentation 10 minutes, questions 5 minutes, for each member site)


      11:20 Session 1  
      12:30 Lunch and posters  
      13:30 Session 2  
      15:30 Coffee break    
        New Projects  
      16:00 Discussion on new projects    
      17:00 Closing remarks    
      19:00 Dinner at Svarta Räfven    
          GEoPD members only
    2. Tuesday November 22, 2022 (Open symposium)

      08:15 Opening Remarks Karin Wirdefeldt
      08:30 Presentation in memory of GEoPD Steering Committee member, Stefano Duga (virtual) Rosanna Asselta
      08:40 Presentation in memory of GEoPD Steering Committee member, Jan Aasley Matt Farrer
        Pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease  

      Update on Monogenic GP2 network (virtual)

      Christine Klein (virtual)

      Update on GP2 Complex network (virtual)

      Huw Morris
      10:20 Coffee break  

      Connectomics in PD

      10:50 An agent-based Propagation Model of Parkinson’s Disease Alain Dagher
      11:30 Functional Connectivity in Parkinson’s Disease Massimo Filippi (virtual)
      12:10 Lunch  
        Afternoon session
      Deep brain stimulation (DBS) genetics
      13:15 Swedish Patients with Gaucher´s
      Disease and GBA-Parkinsonism
      Per Svenningsson
      13:55 Should we offer Deep Brain Stimulation to GBA-PD patients? Carlo Alberto Artusi
      14:35 Coffee break  
      15:05 Response to DBS in patients with monogenic PD and GBA mutation carrier Jean-Christophe Corvol
        Genetically stratified treatments for PD and Digital Biomarkers in PD  
       15:50 Results of the Prasinezumab study Gennaro Pagano
       16:30 Digital biomarkers in PD Cristina Simonet

      A review of Genetics in Subthalamic Nucleus DBS

      Katerina Markopoulou
       17:50 Closing remarks Karin Wirdefeldt and Katerina Markopoulou

      Public meeting

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